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Create your own lists, and/or adopt items from others to create the perfect list to use and share.

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We created a list of list.app features! Some highlights include; creating different types of lists, the ability to adopt list items from other lists, and social features like, liking, commenting and sharing.
Did we miss a feature? You can vote on which feature you'd like to see most. Don't see it in the list of feature request? Add your requested feature as a comment.
Here you'll find a list.app's frequently asked questions. If we missed something or if something is unclear, please add it as a comment below or you can reach out to us via at admin[@]list.app. We'll work to improve this FAQ as time goes on.

Sample Lists

You can create a list of some of your favorite things, like your Top Fantasy Books. Add a list description, and let visitors know why these books made the cut.
Create a bucket list of things to do. You could put your grocery list here. But why? Use this list type for your loftier goals. Exotic locations you wanted to visit, classic books you wanted to read, and the like.
Need a little help from your friends about picking one or two things from a multitude of choices. Create a polling list to have them vote between your options, or have them suggest something in the comments.

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